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Chris Kangas

Vineyard Manager


Chris is all about quality. As Benovia Winery's vineyard manager, Chris walks the rows of vines with a keen eye toward maintaining the highest standard of fruit possible to make Benovia's handcrafted wines.

Chris brings more than 28 years of vineyard management experience to Benovia. A Sonoma County native, Chris has spent his career studying the vineyards of some of California's best wineries. The winemaking team at Benovia is fortunate to be able to rely on his knowledge and experience in producing top-quality wine grapes.

Besides keeping a close eye on the fruit clusters, Chris also looks at the big picture -- taking into consideration the environmental impact, community relationships, and economic viability of the vineyards he tends.

His goal is to have neighbors that appreciate you being there rather than wishing you'd move out of the neighborhood. Chris is the neighborly sort.

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"At Benovia, there is a real attention to detail in both grape growing and wine making. They have the resources necessary to do things in the vineyard that others aren't prepared to commit to. At Benovia, quality winemaking is the number one goal."