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Please tell us about your experiences with our wines...Benovia events you've attended, your latest wine-tasting at Benovia Winery, or simply how a great bottle of Benovia made for the perfect evening at home. Just about anything you'd like to share with our online community would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. Whit King

    We love Benovia. From the first moment we walked in, through that first tasting and then sharing the experience with friends. Rick and an old friend, Greg, are now a fans, they love your Pinot’s, as do Princess and I :)

    It is fun to speak to your wine as we share them with friends. And our growing Benovia collection in the cellar brings a smile to the face.

    You are always on the 'must visit list’ when we are in the Sonoma area, and we shall see you next year.

    Do keep us in mind if and when Benovia finds itself in the Texas, Louisianna, Oklahoma, Arkansas area. That’s how Greg and I met Mike Sullivan in Highland Park Village at the Village Marquee Grill a few years back.

  2. Gary Nelling

    Thank you for the shipment confirmation. It is very good that you to track these. Not all wineries do, and that occasionally makes for mistakes in the agreed wine selection or delivery dates. This is a welcome professional approach for you and Benovia Winery. We have indeed enjoyed one of your 2014 Chardonnay Fort Ross Seaview and one 2013 Pinot Noir Tilton Hill at home. Both were outstanding and we will order more in the future. There is an interesting geographic phenomenon I want to share with you. Sonoma and Napa wines often taste their best in your dry, clear, mountain climate more so than in our humid St Louis/Midwest river-town climate. However, both of yours retained their bouquet, and the crispness and complexity we first experience in their place of origin.

  3. David Linton

    Roger, Thank you for the wonderful tasting and wine education.  You are now my favorite stop on our four days of tasting and touring.  I learned so much I wish we could have spent another 2 hours together just soaking in everything.  Your ability to educate and communicate the nuances of the many subtleties of Pinot and Chardonnay is just outstanding.  My brother, sisters and niece all felt the same way.  We hope to see you every year as our tradition of siblings meeting in the vineyard continues for as long as we are able.  The wines are developing very well and are one of my very favorites.  Great wine, great friends, and a great education.  Whats not to like?


  4. Linda and Skip Shaw

    We had the unexpected pleasure of visiting your winery as part of a Beau Wine Tour in mid-September with some friends. The wine was wonderful, the setting was wonderful but the true hidden gem of your winery was Oniqueh Giles. She was delightful and knowledgeable. If I was a wine connoisseur, which sadly I am not, I would tell you that she had notes of sunshine and enthusiasm. I am certain that we purchased more wine than we intended due to her salesmanship. But I have no regrets. Of the many wonderful wineries we visited during our brief stay Benovia Winery was the one that we tell our friends is a must visit on a future trip.

  5. Wendy Taylor

    Thoroughly pleased with the 2008 Bella Una Magnum we opened this Holiday season. It was a joy to drink now as it was the first time I tasted it at the Wine Extraordinaire Event in Orange County. I purchased this within the Silent Auction and have cherished the day we would share this with other wine lovers. Its balance was perfect with great nuances. A joy to share but wishing we had purchased more to have once again. Thank you for your mastery in making such fine Pinot Noir.

  6. Joel Chansky


    I was at Benovia a few weeks ago – there were 4 of us, 2 couples from New England and you gave us some background on liquor laws in our area, etc. We mentioned to you that we winter in Tucson, and you were kind enough to tell us of your history there, give us your business card, and refer us to Feast restaurant. We went there last week and thoroughly enjoyed our meal, and met Doug, who proudly showed us a bottle of Benovia wine that he carries.

    Also, we went to about 10 wineries during our time in Napa/Sonoma, and your tasting stood out as the most memorable because of your personal touches and wealth of information/knowledge.

  7. Elliot Kadar


    Thank you for your quick reply and warm welcome to Benovia yesterday. The visit and tasting was the highlight of a great day; great wines and a beautiful setting.

    Again, our thanks to you and Danette for accommodating us at the last minute. Hope you have a great rest of the weekend and harvest.

  8. Byron Boyer


    I would like to thank you for all the arrangements you made to accommodate our group last Sunday. Your presentation was outstanding and the wines were wonderful. Everyone present was most complimentary and felt that the visit to Benovia was the highlight of our Russian River Valley trip.

    I know that we will enjoy the wine we purchased and I have ordered more from my allocation.

    Thanks again and all our best,

    Byron Boyer

  9. David Bowman

    Hi Bob,

    Thank you very much for taking the time out last Friday afternoon when Melissa and I visited Benovia. We had a wonderful time, and loved your wines. The following day, I actually asked Melissa to marry me, so it was quite a perfect weekend up in Sonoma County. How we started it with you was perfect. Funny story actually, as she thought I was signaling her by visiting you all (that is, "be novia", since novia is Spanish for bride). :)

    Hope to see you all again sometime!

  10. Bob Bondy

    Bob, Danette,

    Karol and I want to thank you for a most enjoyable tasting of your fine wines and your company, it was the highlight of our trip!

    Again thank you, Bob Bondy

  11. Chaz and Gael

    Thanks so much for your hospitality yesterday, Roger, and having us upstairs. Lovely view, lovely wine and professional attention. All the participants in our HOB Wine Tour 2012 said our visit to Benovia was a highlight.

  12. Eva and Arno

    Thanks so much Roger. The pleasure was all ours. We enjoyed a bottle of your delicious Cohn Pinot Noir over dinner at the Farmhouse Inn last night and Arno is busy pulling the cork out of a bottle of the Savoy for this evening!

    What a wonderful experience with such amazing personal service. Thank you for taking us as walk-in's and we look forward to our next visit.


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