75th D-Day Commemoration

In June 2019 the D-Day Invasion will see her 75th commemoration. It will most probably be the very last large commemoration of this historic day. We are proud that our DC-53 “The Spirit of Benovia” Skytrooper will join dozens of WWII era aircraft in a flight from the U.S. to Normandy to honor those who paid so much to liberate Europe.

We will be offering a 75th D-Day Anniversary Commemorative wine to help support this historic endeavor, so please keep any eye on this page in the coming weeks for your chance to acquire this extremely limited bottling! The commemorative wine bottle will also boast custom art by Craig Kodera that depicts the planes in action over Normandy:

June the 6th 1944 marks the date on which almost 160,000 Allied troops stormed the Normandy beaches to start the liberation of Western-Europe. The assault was preceded by 24,000 troops who parachuted in or came by glider. The most important aircraft to support the airborne assault was formed by over 800 Douglas C-47 Skytrains.

DC-53 “The Spirit of Benovia” Skytrooper


To read more about the event organizers, D-Day Squadron, please check out their website here