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Benovia Winery Harvests Solar Energy to Reduce Costs and Carbon Footprint

SANTA ROSA, CA (Sept. 12, 2011) -- Benovia Winery has taken a major step forward in its sustainability program with the recent installation of solar panels that will produce most of the electricity the winery needs, according to Mike Sullivan, Benovia's co-owner, general manager and winemaker.

Benovia, a Russian River Valley vintner of premium Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Zinfandel wines, chose Real Goods Solar to install 171 photovoltaic modules on the roof of its winery, Mr. Sullivan said. The system will produce more than 60,000 kilowatt hours of electricity annually, reducing the winery's PG&E bill by at least 92 percent.

Benovia Solar Installation

Rooftop solar photovoltaic modules absorb the sun's energy and coverts it to direct current to power Benovia Winery's Russian River Valley winemaking facilities.

Benovia's commitment to solar power benefits the planet as well, Mr. Sullivan said, noting the installation will reduce its CO2 emissions by some 1180 tons over 25 years -- the environmental equivalent of more than 20 acres of planted trees.

"Using the same energy that ripens our grapes to power our winery just made a lot of sense to us," Mr. Sullivan said. "We're making our CFO happy, and at the same time doing something good for the environment."

Also factoring into Benovia's decision were financial incentives available from the Federal government and State of California, Mr. Sullivan said, noting Benovia's new investment in renewable energy will pay for itself in a little over nine years.

The solar installation pairs perfectly with Benovia's continuing commitment to maintain good stewardship of the land and reduce the winery's carbon footprint, Mr. Sullivan added. "We take our roles as custodians of this beautiful Valley very seriously, " Mr. Sullivan said. "By using environmentally sensitive technology and farming practices, we can not only produce wines our customers love, but give them a few more reasons to feel good about choosing Benovia."

Some other initiatives Benovia Winery has undertaken in its ongoing sustainability program at the winery and its three estate vineyards include:

• Farming the winery's Cohn Vineyard organically

• Using organic mulch and fertilizer on all estate vineyards

• Erecting owl boxes and raptor roosts to encourage native predators

• Conserving water with dry farming techniques

• Controlling soil erosion with cover crops, straw mulching and drainage system maintenance

• Using wind machines instead of water for frost protection


Founded by husband and wife team Joe Anderson and Mary Dewane, and joined by winemaker partner Mike Sullivan, Benovia Winery farms more than 72 acres of Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Zinfandel from estate vineyards in the Russian River Valley and Sonoma County. The name of the winery is derived from Joe and Mary's fathers' names, Novian Anderson and Ben Dewane. Established in 2005, Benovia's mission is to create iconic and thought-provoking Grand Cru quality Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Zinfandel wines. Benovia wines are sold through an allocation system direct to customers, as well as distributed to select restaurants nationwide. Total production for the current release (2009 vintage) is approximately 4,000 cases. Winery tastings and tours are available daily by appointment. Benovia Winery, 3339 Hartman Road, Santa Rosa, CA 95401. (707) 526-4441.


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