A Life’s Work in the Russian River Valley

For a Benovian, labor is life, and life is fulfilling. Winemaker and co-owner Mike Sullivan grew up tending his family’s vines on Sonoma Mountain. Proprietors Mary Dewane and Joe Anderson were both raised on hard work by their fathers, Ben Dewane and Novian Anderson. Hard work brings its own rewards, they would say. Be the best at what you do. Surround yourself with good people, and let them get to work. And never, ever produce anything that wouldn’t make you proud.

Here in the Russian River Valley, we are all part of a close-knit community that finds joy in purpose. We’re at our happiest during harvest, when friends join us on the sorting line and the winery and vineyards are buzzing with activity and camaraderie.

After years of humble, hard work, we believe that we are creating something truly beautiful that draws people together.

Our Team

Prior to founding Benovia, Joe and Mary devoted their careers in healthcare to serving the underserved. Now in their second careers as vintners, they find that Mother Nature is the common thread in both industries, and serving the underserved remains a priority through their community work.


Place and Purpose

Morning fog from the chilly Pacific Ocean encases our vineyards, injecting our grapes in the Russian River Valley and the Sonoma Coast with vibrant acidity.


Our Estate vineyards and grower partners represent the diversity of the terroirs to be found in the Russian River Valley, Sonoma Coast and Sonoma County.


Doing the Right Thing

There are big, splashy ways to run an ecologically friendly business, and there are subtler acts of conscientiousness that just feel like the decent thing to do.